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has helped to support orphans and homeless children as well as unmarried, pregnant girls and unwed mothers throughout the Philippines. We have also contributed to schools as well as paying for the school fees and expenses of poor children.

Your help is needed to continue to support
these causes.


There are many poor, but deserving kids in the Philippines that need your help. Pictures on this page are of some of the kids being helped now, or have been in the past.
Jade and Rune Publishers supports children from poor families in the Philippines to attend school. It pays for uniforms, books, tuition, supplies, transportation, food and class projects. There are many deserving children there who cannot afford to attend school without help. We would like to support more children if possible. It is an all volunteer ministry with no overhead or salaries taken out. 100% of every dollar goes to directly help kids or unwed mothers, or is given to support existing Christian organizations such as orphanages or homes for unwed mothers. You can help to make a difference in someone's life today.

Various people have made donations to my ministry because of their desire to help kids or unwed mothers. I put this page up to show show what your gifts can do. I am solicting donations to help these individuals and groups in the Philippines. If you feel so led by the Lord to do so, you may donate to this worthy cause. If you wish to donate to The Cradle Of Christ Foundation, then you can, knowing 100% of your gift goes to help others, with no overhead taken out.

Those who have been to the Philippines know about the kids there and the vast needs. Those who have yet to go will know. They're wonderful children and worthy of your help. They deserve a better life than living in the streets or city dump. Without an education they have no hope of a job in the Philippines, even in a fast food diner. Below are average costs for a 10 month school year.

Kinder 1-2 through 6th Grade:
Uniforms, shoes and socks run about p1,500 a year (only p1000 K1-2), tuition fee p1,650 each year (p2,000 for K1-2), transportation and lunch averages about p50 a day (p20 for K1-2), supplies are about p1,000 a year (p800 K1-2), required extra projects about p1,000 a year.
Public schools are "free" in the Philippines, no monthly payments. Regardless though, there are costs involved in going to school including tuition. Kinder 1-2 now privatized and costs more.
6th Grade - High School:
Uniforms, shoes and socks run about p1,700 a year, tuition fee p2,800 each year, transportation and lunch averages about p80-100 a day, supplies are about p1,600 a year, required extra projects about p1,500-2,000 a year.

Make checks or Money Orders out to
Jade and Rune Publishers
P.O.Box 49138
Austin, Texas 78765-9138

or you may make a donation through PayPal below.

You can also send a cargo box of school supplies, food or clothes - lightly used or new. (Clothing should be for tropical, warm climate, and sizes for children or medium adult or smaller). Check your local Asian food stores for info on sending cargo boxes by carriers like Balikbayan, LBC, Wilcox and others direct to the children. There is no weight limit on the boxes and can be as cheap as $85 US by LBC or $100 by Manila Forwarders to send. Donated items can be sent Tagbiliran, Bohol. Ask me for directions.

Besides clothing, you could send school supplies, toiletries, food, etc

School supplies, almost all these were 30-50 cents each at Walmart, Target, Kmart etc in the fall sales. Paper, pens, #2 pencils, glue, crayons, etc all needed.

Basic household items need too! Please send vitamins. Also, most people cannot afford a full bottle of shampoo for instance. They have to buy single amount sizes similar to ketchup packets! A normal bar of soap or toothpaste is expensive for a family with many kids.
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Food items are needed too! Rice is too heavy to ship and cheap in the Philippines but other items are very costly. Sardines and Spam are beloved treats to them and very popular. Anything you send though would be appreciated.

JADERUNE.COM is helping orphans and abandoned or abused children and poor children, as well as pregnant girls and unwed mothers. You can help this mission by making a cash contribution to this project today.

Freely you are given the addresses, freely give to others in some way.
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