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This is them, Jade & Rune (their nick names), at their wedding.
Christian Filipina Pen Pals and online dating personals vs the myth of "mail order brides"

Instead of free Filipina Pen Pal addresses Rune had to buy a list of addresses from a fee based mail order bride catalogue. He did not believe in "mail order brides". He just wanted to try writing a few Filipina Pen Pals to see if all he had heard about Filipinas, so called mail order brides, was true. Were they really into traditional family values and romance instead of career-oriented radical feminism? He wondered if he could find a good loving wife on the other side of the planet who just want to love and be loved, to cherish and be cherished. If not a wife he at least hoped to find some friends to write.

Jade and Rune began writing as just pen pals in 1995. They wrote for 1 1/2 years, before they actually met, when he flew to the Philippines to visit her and her family. He was there 3 weeks, and her family graciously invited him to stay with them instead of a hotel or resort. The customs and morals being high in their culture, it would not be appropriate for a single, young lady to visit a man in another place like that. They almost always had a chaperone, or several. They soon came to know the loving bonds they had developed by letter and phone calls were real and lasting. They had learned a lot about each other by letters without the physical and hormonal fog of interference that can cloud peoples reason sometimes. They knew they wanted to be more than friends. He asked her father if he could ask Jade to marry him, according to the Philippine custom. Her family approved and they became engaged after two weeks and then went to the Embassy in Cebu to begin the paperwork. He forgot to bring her letters with him to "prove" they had a authentic relationship to the Embassy, but after a brief interview they let them apply for "proof of capacity for marriage" anyway. Basically proving a real relationship, and that neither of them were already married. There is a mandatory 10 day wait for marriage in the Philippines, and a interview is needed for a Permit for Marriage. They went to City Hall, and got their permit and premarriage interview just before he left the Philippines. A lot happened in that all-to-short 3 week trip.

He went back to the states, and began waiting 4 months for the family to arrange the wedding details, get more paperwork done and to have the dress made. He returned to the Philippines in March of the following year. The wedding plans were to marry in a local church, and hold the reception in the family home and yard, right in her community for all to see. It was a huge event with over 300 guests and relatives attending. (Each person invited brought 1-5 friends too) It was a huge feast for all. 5 large pigs gave their life for the feast with 3 roasted whole, and two parted out for a variety of dishes. There was also countless fish and shrimp as well. Remarkable for him to see so many people in line for food, and unlike Americans, each one had about 90% plain rice heaped on their plates with only tiny amounts of meats. Rice is the staple of the culture there, and though plenty of meat was available, people did not gorge on it, but just ate what they usually ate: mostly plain rice without even salt on it. It was a family style wedding with lots of children and no drinking except a mountain of cases of Sprite and Coke. He didn't want alcoholic drinks or drunks to mar his wife's wedding day, so no one drank alcohol, at least till after they left for the honeymoon late. After they left, the men broke out the Gilbeys Gin, and the women and kids migrated to the house for karaoke and dancing with the kids, as usual for them at get-togethers. Even with airfare, wedding, gown, rings, etc marrying a Filipina there still cost less than a fraction of what an American wedding can run. They honeymooned at Virgin Beach Resort, Cebu (see their link on my links page), and then later on Bohol with the famous Chocolate Hills, and then Panglou with white sand beaches and the famous House Reef. (You must try the snorkeling there to believe it!)

After their blissful, and all too short honeymoon, Rune went back to the states where he applied to INS to bring his wife to the US, and began a 5 month wait. Jade used the time to complete CFO classes, get her passport, her required physical, her embassy interviews, and other papers done. God blessed them in that it went faster than most (6-12 months), and then Rune went to get his lovely wife, and bring her to their home in the states. Now, with the new K3 and K4 visas, one can apply for a visa to bring a bride home just like a fiancee visa, and begin the paper work for her resident alien status in the US, and be together with her (including her children if she has some). Much better!

Some men may want to try the Fiance' Visa route and bring their lady to the US for up to 90 days to get to know each other before marrying. This is not the best way for many chaste and proper young ladies in Philippine culture. It is better to meet there, get to know each other there, and marry there. We did it this way because Jade's family would never consider letting her go to the states alone with a stranger on a fiance visa. She was a virgin who led a very protected and moral life, closely knit with her family and guided by a loving father. Although Rune was never very close to his family, having come from a broken home, he gained a wonderful new family when he married Jade. He love them all, and enjoyed being with them, as well as helping them whenever possible. Rune told them right off that he could not support them, but would be happy to help them get a start helping themselves. Filipinos are an industrious peoples, and willing to work, so that is what they did. They helped them with small enterprises, so they can earn a living in a tough economy there. He always thought that his family was great there, and they have had a much better life now because of Jade and Rune, and everyone praises God for that.

It was hard at first for Jade to adapt to being without her family AND in a strange country, but she did. Her sister, and soon her friends asked them to find them a good husband too, so Jade and Rune started this site for those ladies and other Filipinas. They named it after themselves, their nick names, Jade and Rune but it is for the filipinas who are so wonderful and deserving of a happy marriage and good life. They had jobs to earn a living, and did not want to try to make money off other people's loneliness and unhappiness, and they wanted to fight the "mail order bride" concept and stigma. So they decided to create a free, Christian Pen Pal site, and list online dating personals for people just to help people, and not for money. Not everything in this short life needs to be done for money. The Lord said "Freely you have received, freely give". And I, along with them, have always loved that word, FREE. Don't you? They started their two page web site on a free host, Angelfire, in 1998 with less than 10 of Jade's relatives and/or friends to list. Just by word of mouth over the years, now has thousands of ladies listed. never solicit listings, the ladies find us. Rune's wife's sister found a good husband from our site and ended up marrying a Registered Nurse also, like Rune, in Austria where she now lives happily ever after. Since the site started, it has been a blessing and a ministry for many people. There have been only a comparatively few problem ladies to delete over the years, yet many, many happy marriages. Only about 3 vitriolic complainers about what we do vs many hundreds of thank you notes. We love getting thank you notes and wedding pictures from happy couples, but for their privacy jaderune does not publish them. Some may not agree with what we do and do not think men should seek foreign wives. Instead of forcing people to follow their opinions they should just let people decide for themselves what they want to do in life... decide what is right for them!

On March 5th, 2002, just three days before their fifth anniversary, Jade took the oath of citizenship, and became a US citizen. Praise the Lord! It was a long road, but worth it. Guess what? Contrary to the doubters, she stayed with him until his death in July of 2008! She really was looking for a good husband, and not a stepping stone to America. They were very happy together, and she hopes others can find a happiness like they did. Is a foreign born mate right for you? You decide for yourself in your heart, and pray about it.

As our US culture becomes more decadent, and the bitter, extremist feminists try to make all bow to their will, many men may choose to move to the Philippines, and live in a tropical paradise with their lovely lady instead. That's a wonderful option for many, and more and more are choosing it. The Philippines is a great place to live for many reasons. Is it right for you? Is a beautiful, loving, family-oriented wife right for you? You decide for yourself! Many men from many countries live there now. It is better in a lot of ways and very cheap to a great culture.

May the Lord bless and guide each one of you.

Recent events: Jade and Rune tried almost exactly 10 years to have a baby, then spring 2007 they found she had conceived! Praise God. However, about 2 months later Rune was diagnosed with stage 4, meta static pancreatic cancer that had spread a lot already to many other sites. Many people prayed for him, and I trust that our God is taking care of him now because Rune passed away in July of 2008 from pancreatic cancer. He knew the Lord Jesus as Savior, and has peace with Him. Jade and Rune were blessed to have a son born to them on 9/11/2007. His name is Chris. Jade goes on medical mission trips to the Philippines occasionally to help orphanages and poor people in the Cebu area. Jade and Rune no longer own the site, but the site continues with their names because they are the ones who started it. She and I are in contact, and she updates me occasionally on her trips and progress. Who am I? I am Michael, a Christian gentleman, who has taken over the site, and I will continue to run it as Rune did for so many years. I am here to help you all with anything that I can. donates all of the proceeds from the website to The Cradle Of Christ Foundation. 100% of all donations are given to this organization in an effort to help support those in need.


Here are their albums with some of their family pictures and their baby picture album from day 1 in the hospital till just before Rune's death..

Their Photo Albums
Baby Pictures

Family Album

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